Dec 112013

Rev. Donald Luther Jackson, minister, author, professor and businessman, made his transition at his home in Bradenton, FL. on November 25, 2013. Don was born in Hueytown, AL. and graduated from Sanford University. He received his theological degree from Wake Forest Seminary and Doctorate in Psychology without dissertation from the UNC. In 1956, he married Dorothy Ann Carwile of Bedford, VA. Don served as Minister of several churches in Virginia, including Glen Allen Baptist near Richmond until 1968. A change in careers led Don to Puerto Rico to serve as Prof. of Guidance and Counseling at Inter-American Univ. After four years, he returned to the states to begin a 20 yr. business career culminating in positions in Division Management with several large corporations. In 1985 they moved from San Francisco to FL., encouraged by his childhood friend, Rev. Jim Marsh, who pastored the Longboat Island Chapel. Donald became Sr. Minister of Unity Church of Sarasota, where he & his wife, Rev. Dorothy Ann served for 21 yrs. & retired in 2007. Don started “Unity in the Community” bringing to Sarasota numerous renowned religious & motivational speakers. After retiring from Unity, Rev. Don wrote and published a book called, “Religious Lies-Religious Truths.” In Rev. Don’s journey of healing, he visited John of God, spiritual healer in Brazil. It was a profound experience. He said, “I have written about love and talked about love, but during my experience with John of God, I truly experienced love.” Don is survived by his wife, his children, Kevin, Karen, Van and five grandchildren.

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Jul 302012

The meaning of the word “truth” in the title and subtitle of this book is based on the author’s opinions about perennial truths (lasting for a long time or infinite time) backed by evidence that is sustained by scholarship, archeology, and a study of ancient history. The truth will not make one right, but it will make one free. It is this freedom that my book celebrates. This freedom gives us permission to explore ideas outside our existing comfort zone.

The picture on the front cover depicts a crying angel. “It’s enough to make an angel cry!” is a phrase that I considered as a subtitle. This image of a weeping angel portrays the anguish of a world in travail over the failure of Christianity to follow the teachings of Jesus. It is this failure that has placed our planet in peril in every way. Respect for the individual and respect for the planet on which we live are hallmarks of Jesus’ teachings. These teachings have been largely ignored by nations which call themselves Christian, but whose militant behavior belies Jesus’ fundamental teachings. Actions by these nations have been driven by greed and self-interest and have been supported by members of the Christian community under the label of patriotism. This book presents a clarion call to return to and adhere to Jesus’ teachings—the original foundation of Christianity.

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Aug 292012

On August 23rd I had the privilege of being interviewed by George Lewis, host of Vortex, an internet television show.  I invite all my friend to visit this site, view it and give me feedback on your viewing. Here is the procedure to access the site.  Website:  After entering the website, click the show/event calendar, then select the lastest posts, scroll down until you will find my name, then scroll down to the video picture, view the interview by clicking the arrow on the picture.  After viewing, I would appreciate your response.

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Aug 222012

We had at least 125 in attendance at the book signing party and musical event.  We featured six very talented musicians, including Jeanette LaVoy, Eleonora Lvov, Eric Reynolds, Lillette Wisner-Jenkins, Mindy Simmons, and Robin Skinner.  Their entertainment was a treat for all to remember.  I appreciate each artists, who gave freely of their time and talent.

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Aug 082012

My book arrived Friday, July 27th.  Good news!  Since then, I have sold 275 copies.  The response is overwhelming.  Thanks to all who have helped to make it a success.  The book signing partywas held August 19th,  5-7 PM at the Unitarian Church 3975 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, just east of Beneva past Bobby Jones golf course and was a tremendous success.

This event featured a finger food/dessert potluck which will be held along with the book signing.  It  also included a musical event, featuring accomplished musicians from the area, including Jeanette LaVoy, Erica Reynolds, Eleanora Llvov, Robin Skinner and Mendy Simmons.  We are able to accommodate all forms of payments, including credit cards.  The price of the book is $14.95.  Some have mentioned their intention to give several books as gifts; so if you purchase 10 at a time,  I will sell them for $10 each, giving you a $4.95 discount on each book.

Each Sunday, beginning August 26th,  at the same time and same place, we will begin our spiritual ministry.  This service will occur every Sunday afternoon.  The name of our group is “The Fellowship of Shared Spirituality.”  We will feature great music with various talent  from the Sarasota and surrounding area.   Dorothy Ann will give the meditation and I will give the talk each Sunday.  We are excited about being back among our friends.  We hope that you can join us at each event.

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Jul 302012

August 19th, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Sarasota Unitarian Church on 3975 Fruitville Road, east of Beneva Road.  The first hour will be fellowship, sharing potluck of finger food and dessert, plus autographed copy of Don’s new book.  The second hour will provide a musical extravaganza with talented musicians from this area, including  Eleonora Llvov, Jeanette LaVoy, Erica Reynolds, Robin Skinner and Mendy Simmons.

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